Who is the author and copyright holder of the images?

All images, except the logos and registered trademarks, which are distributed free of charge and without any restrictions, are the property of VectorInfographics.


I want to use the image for commercial purposes, how to do it?

You can purchase Royalty Free license to use the image by clicking on the Commercial Use link under the Free Download button near the image that you are interested in. You will be redirected to the website where you can make a purchase.


How can I use this image for free?

You can use the file from VectorInfographics if the following requirements are met:

  • You cannot sell the images or distribute them in any way. Exception - if the image is part of your design.
  • You cannot claim authorship of the design
  • You cannot use the files in online and offline generators (banner generators, button generators, business card makers etc.).
  • You may not use the designs for SPAM websites, any kind of websites with illegal content or engaged in illegal activity, the websites which are in any way connected with the crime, defame the honor and dignity of people.
  • When using images for the website, specify the source as follows: «© VectorInfographics.com»


To the websites owners, sharing rules:

  • Placing of files, texts and any other content of the VectorInfographics on other sites for distribution or sale is prohibited
  • Editing and subsequent distribution is prohibited
  • The following use is permitted: You can post on your site the preview file of 400x400 px or px 450x220 size without removing the watermark and with a good view on the hyperlink under the image, which leads to VectorInfographics.


What kind of use is prohibited?

Using as a logo, trademark, or any material that in any way identifies you is prohibited.


Can you make changes to a file and how much does it cost?

Yes, this is possible. Please refer to our partners MediaGuruGroup and describe your needs.